little punk



Hong Qile


Volume II

Released: July 27, 2015

Album Art: Michele Seippel

Design & Mastering: Brad M. Seippel

Vol 2. showcases a whole new track list of artists in Beijing. Kicking off this compilation is a song by Little Punk. The duo comprises of former members of Shanghai’s Boys Climbing Ropes. They’ve now since been in Beijing for a few years. Their acoustic guitar and rich vocals compliment the project and each other well. Next is Beijing local electronic producer and modular synth builder Mengqi. His track +1111 takes on IDM and acid techno styles made with a combination of software and his personal handcrafted devices. Moving on we have Social Boar, a name most people aren’t familiar with yet. The namesake of David Wilson's aka "Woolly" solo project who is the former guitarist of Beijing Math Rock outfit Mammals and current guitarist of Fake Weed. We can look forward to seeing Social Boar developing into a live act somewhere around this winter. Following up Social Boar’s submission is a wonderful noise piece by Fujian visual artist and electronic producer Hong Qile. This track is a small taste of what you could expect from his live performances sans the intense geometric two tone visuals. Finalizing Seippelabel Vol. 2 is 12 minute and 20 second journey into the mind of Noise Arcade. Originally from the US, Noise Arcade has been making music in Beijing under this current project for a considerable amount of time and is preparing for a tour of South East Asia quite soon.

Aside from a whole new arsenal of artists Seippelabel has recently taken on a new head of design and music curation, Michele Seippel. The label is now a family label. Michele is based in California. Our collaboration will hope to bridge artist outside of China with ones here. So keep a look out for Vol. 3. Thanks and enjoy.

~Brad M. Seippel


菜谱音乐厂牌第二张全新创作合辑首要推荐! 第一首歌来小朋克乐队的《上个夏天》。 那么这两个人也是很有来头的呢~它们曾经是上海独立摇滚乐队“男孩爬绳子”的贝斯手和主唱。 现在他们定居北京两三年还在继续做音乐,这首歌的木吉他和人生很配合,来听一听不一样的小朋克感觉吧~

下一首是来自北京本土电子制作人,他就是音乐怪才“孟奇”。他的"怪"不仅体现在音乐世界里,他还会纯手工制作效果器,一半科学家一半音乐家的结合体!在下面这首歌里面有一点儿IDM和Acid Techno的感觉,结合一些采样与他手工制作的的效果器,嗯~是不是听起来有一种科学实验的感觉呢~

第三首歌让我们隆重推荐,社会野猪乐队的乐队主理人来自英国的创作音乐人Woolly。曾担任北京数学摇滚乐队哺乳动物乐队吉他手。现任Fake Weed乐队吉他手+主唱。


最后一位,这位来美国电子艺术家Noise Arcade先居住北京活跃于各大音乐现场。让我们邀请你的耳朵和我们一起享受一个12分钟20秒的电子旅程吧~

感谢大家的认真阅读,除此外还要推荐一个新成员。她是这一次菜谱音乐厂牌的封面设计师,来自加州,圣荷西市,米歇尔 塞普 。大家一定很奇怪,为什么这位同学的名字也会有赛普两个字,没错!她就是菜谱音乐厂牌的主理人的亲妹妹!哈哈~说了这么多,其实我们要做的就是把中国和国外优秀的音乐人推荐给大家,希望大家可以发现更多的原创独立音乐人,发现他们并支持他们。


~布拉德 塞普