Simon Wetham


John Dombroski


Li Jianhong





Volume III | 菜谱第三部合辑

Seippelabel Vol. 3 wraps up 2015 as the final release of the season. For the first time we showcase material by two artists from outside of China; Simon Wetham (UK) and John Dombroski (US). In the same light there are three pieces featured by Beijing based artists Li Jianhong, Ding Chenchen and Dizzydi. Five distinctively different contributions present; ranging in feeling from sparse yet enveloping room sounds to mediative modular synthesis. The listener is then jolted into reality by abrupt chaos, only to sink into a final groove which concludes the compilation.

Aside from Vol. 3’s musical content this installment welcomes the addition of two new members to Seippelabel; Corey Grunewald (website design) & Wang Shengnan (translation & editing).


国)和 约翰∙多木罗斯可 (美国)。也有三个在北京的艺人;李剑鸿,丁晨晨, Dizzydi.


来的人帮助我们这次。科瑞∙格鲁内瓦尔德(网络设计)还有王胜男 (翻译和编辑)。

Released: April 20, 2016

Album Art 封面: Yue Ming 岳明

Design 设计: Michele Seippel 米歇尔·赛普

Translation/Editing 翻译/编辑:

Wang Shengnan 王胜男 / Brad Seippel 布拉德·赛普

Curation/Mastering 策展/母带处理: Brad Seippel 布拉德·赛普