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Volume X | 菜谱第10部合辑

Since 2014, the Seippelabel team has been consistently releasing various artist collections with material wildly spanning genres and regions. As the years have passed, our passion for the project has strengthened. We have had the opportunity to form invaluable relationships artists around the world. We now have the great pleasure of bringing you our tenth compilation.

This release marks a milestone in our personal manifestation to promote the work of our peers. Our initial goal was to release 10 compilations — involving musicians and visual artists — and we ultimately reached it. Culminating throughout the 10 track listen is a distinctive focus on rhythm, ingenuity and experimentation. We believe that one of the truly groundbreaking arenas for modern music is not necessarily happening at more traditional venues, but rather; in some cases, on the dance floor. Club culture has always embraced stylistic differences and innovative ideas with open arms. In celebration, it seems like a natural choice to feature dance music for Seippelabel’s newest milestone.

For Seippelabel Vol. 10 we were fortunate enough to receive tracks from artists in China, Japan, Singapore, The Philippines, Mexico, Australia and The United States. Our theme was to give each producer the option to compose music in genres they were accustomed to; such as juke/footwork, bass, trap, vaporcore and electronic styles, but to attack them in a more experimental fashion. The result is a beautiful mixture of left-field, upbeat works that make up this vibrant compilation. Enjoy!

从2014年开始到现在菜谱厂牌一直在和来自世界各地的艺人合作制作并发行他们的 音乐作品。这些音乐作品里面包括很多不同的音乐风格与地球不同地区人的作品。这些年 我们怀揣巨大的热情并认真的在做这个项目,目前菜谱也有巨大的发展。在过程中这些年 我们团队又特别好的机会认识很多精彩的艺术家。我们很开心能给大家带来这次菜谱厂牌 第十部合辑。

菜谱厂牌致力于帮助推广好音乐的作品。这次我们邀请了10位不同的音乐家和视觉 艺术家准备发布第10部合辑。这次合辑里面的音乐亮点在节奏和实验性。对我们来说,现 代音乐最发展的场所不固定在一些传统场地,电子音乐更适合在俱乐部里。电子音乐文化 里面 众一直拥抱不同的风格和创新想法。

这次合辑的艺人来自世界各地的,例如中国、日本、新加坡、菲律宾、墨西哥、澳 大利亚和美国。合计的主题是给每一个制作人能选择一个他们觉舒服些音乐的风格但是用 一些饰演的方式做成歌曲。结果是个很充满活力的混合跟着不一样的作品。请享 !

Featured Artist


Clade Design

Clade is a small design studio founded by designers Logan Faerber and Sara Stewart. After years of experience working at various agencies they decided to create their own company that would put more emphasis on their clients and material. Their focus embodies a passion for individual causes and and relies on the excitement needed to complete each project. Their work is aimed at improving the world one design at a time and by working with enthusiastic people on issues & products that they care about.

Clade describes their contribution to Seippelabel Vol. 10 artwork by saying: “We had a lot of fun putting together this artwork using various digital mediums. From 3D to 2D, this is our representation and translation of the music on this 10th compilation. The sounds are environmental and somewhat dark which pushes them out of the constraints given to them. This visually represents our mind's eye while working on these tracks. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”



卡拉德(Clade)是个小的设计工作室。它的创始人是洛根菲布尔(Logan Faer- ber)与萨拉斯图尔特 (Sara Stewart)。他们最开始在公司服务,后来他们选择开始弄 自己的公司为了给客户更多的在乎也做自己觉得感兴趣的项目。他们的重点体现了满满激 情和兴奋跟着每一个项目。他们向每一次合作是为了把我们的世界能进步。

这次图片与菜谱第十部合辑的封面合作,用他们自己话表达:“我们觉得用不同的 材料做艺术特别有意思。从3D到2D, 对音乐也是一样的感觉。里面的声音有环境感也有一 点点黑暗感,所以我们向包括这感觉在封面里。我们很希望大家都能喜欢它跟我们一样的 感觉“。

Curation: Brad M. Seippel & Michele Seippel

Mastering: Brad M. Seippel

Video and Design: Michele Seippel

Album Art: Clade

Translation/Editing: Brad M. Seippel & Wang Shengnan

策展: 布拉德·赛普与 米歇尔·赛普


设计: 米歇尔·赛普

封面: 克拉德 (Clade)

翻译/编辑: 王胜男 / 布拉德·赛普